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Submitted by: Rublin Taneja

What makes better business in hotel or restaurant industry is setting up of tables and chairs in the ideal banquet and meeting seating solution. It makes furniture attractive, durable, easy to set up, and affordable. Though there are several online furniture stores committed to provide with high quality stackable banquet chairs and tables at competitive discount price, but to set up chairs with tables are of the great concerns the space between tables and chairs, the height of tables and chairs, the distance between each set of furniture, and the distance from the wall. Conference, meeting, exhibition, banquet, functions, team building program all are the matter of great concern. Read about adequate layout of table and chairs for different purposes.

Standard Banquet table height & width

Table height should be 29″-30″. For banquet dinners or other functions at hotels where guests are supposed to sit on both sides of the tables, 30″ table is the most common size.

Space efficiency

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For small restaurants or hotels where room can accommodate least piece of furniture, align 8 foot banquet tables end to end and add 1 chair for each joint on each side.

Classic banquet style placement

It is the most demanded style layout. It consists of long rows of rectangle banquet tables with chairs on both sides. This setup allows arranging many seats in a room. Place the table at the front of the room and put chairs on both the sides of tables.

Conference style

Sometimes, there is banquet treat after conference. This style works for both purposes. It is big for critical thinking discussions. This style is believed to be the most dynamic setup when decisions require to be taken. In this style, it is necessary to consider that there would be board of directors all at one place. Develop the plan of actions. Common setup in conference style includes 4 eight foot tables with both side chairs. An ideal group is not more than 30 people. If there are more than 30 persons, consider U shaped. It is ideal.

Hollow squire

Hollow squire is adopted for 44 people. This diagram includes serpentine tables at the corners. It needs 4 serpentine tables, and 8 30×96 rectangle tables with adequate number of chairs.

Classroom style setup

Sometimes, before the banquet, customers book hotels for orientations or any other presentation, in which guests need to write, eating while observing. For this concern, you need to bring seminar tables and chairs. They suitable collection for saving space with classroom style setup. Seminar tables are designed with smaller width than standard banquet chairs.

Open-Room setup

The empty room enables free-form meeting environment. The open-space setting style is considered to promote a free flowing and creative meeting environment for small or large groups. This style is required mostly for team building and brainstorming. Open Room can be complimented with various props and meeting aids. The optional searing capacity is 1-61+. It is the best style for team building and brainstorming. So, arrange your furniture on accordance with the requirement of purpose.

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