Xyron Personal Cutting System Electronic Die Cutting Machine Review

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By Jeff McRitchie

*The Xyron Personal cutting system is a computerized die cutting machine that is designed for cutting out shapes and letters for use in scrapbooking, crafting and for design applications.

*The system uses font books and shape books that allow you to quickly and easily choose the shapes that you want to cut out using the machine.

*This system allows you to quickly and easily cut out letters and shapes using your own decorative paper. It is simple to use and is even portable so that you can take it to scrapbooking parties.

Strengths / Features:

*The Xyron Personal cutting system makes die cutting easier than ever. It uses extremely simple controls that allow you to choose a shape from your design book and then to choose the size of the shape that you want to cut.

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*There are a huge number of design books available for the Xyron Personal Cutting system. The machine comes with one alphabet font book and one book of basic shapes. These two books provide over 500 cutting options. With additional cutting books, there are literally tens of thousands of possibilities offered by the Personal Cutting System.

*The Xyron personal cutting system allows you to cut out shapes that are as large as 4″ x 4″ in size. Every shape in the design book can be cut in one of three different sizes (small, medium or large).

*Using the system you can cut through virtually any paper stock. You simply put the paper in the cutting drawer, choose the shape you want to cut and let the machine do the rest.

Weaknesses / Limitations:

*Although the Xyron Personal cutting system offers literally thousands of possibilities for shapes and sizes, it requires the purchase of font books and design books to expand its capabilities. Design books for the system cost around $50. That can add up if you want to collect a lot of shape books.

*The Personal cutting system uses a special blade to cut the shapes out of your paper. These blades need to be replaced over time especially if you are cutting through thick or fibrous papers. It also uses a special cutting mat to hold the paper in place during the cutting process. This mat will also need to be replaced over time.

*With the personal cutting system you are limited to the shapes and letters that are in the design books that you purchase. If you want completely custom die cuts including welded words you might want to consider purchasing the Xyron Wishblade which allows you to cut any shape or font that you have on your computer.


*The Xyron Personal cutting system is a great portable die cutting solution. You can take it with you to scrapbooking parties or use at home for crafting projects.

*The Personal Cutting System comes out of the box with everything that you need to do your own die cutting. However, by purchasing additional design books you can greatly expand the capabilities of the machine.

*This makes it a great solution for users who want to be able to make their own die cuts at home and want an easy to use die cutting solution

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