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Submitted by: Jesse Akre

Teens and kids today do not dwell in fairy tales and Christmas surprises alone they are right there in the drivers seat taking charge of their lives, steering their way through every high and low. Now, they are keener on understanding the world than ever, learning anything they chance upon and voraciously absorbing news in order to always be in the know. Surveys reveal a big leap in the percentage of smart kids today, compared to figures five years back.

There was a time when teens and kids were only interested in carefree fun visiting national parks, building sandcastles by the shore, swooning over candies, sticking by granny for cookies and more. But all these still remaining, the youth of the 21st century have come a long way now. They have become media multi-tasking experts a childs bedroom nowadays is no less than a multimedia centre. They get the whole world in their bedrooms. Take a peek and youre more than likely to find cable or satellite hookups, computers and gadgets, video game setups, music systems, home movie rentals, latest DVDs and CDs here and there and more. And they have mastered it all. They can catch up with their fave shows on TV while surfing the net or playing the toughest level in video games while the musics on full blast. Quite a paradigm shift, that is!

Tables are turned for sure. Todays proactive, tech-savvy teen generation has begun teaching their teachers. Sounds funny, but its a fact that many schools and organizations are turning to the youth for technological learning. And not just technology, this digital generation, as they are often called, has a fair idea about all thats happening aroundfrom stock market investments to McDonalds meal sets, from HIV issues to making granitas, from protecting tropical forests to understanding the democratic process of the nation.

Ask them to take part in any topicbe it a NBA game or constitution quizand they arent the least jittery. When interviewed, its often found that these youngsters find classroom teaching extremely boring. They find greater challenges outside classrooms. And they are doing just fine. Interacting with the various kinds people everyday through blogs and chats, participating in reality shows, gluing to the television set and staying tuned to both electronic and print media, todays teens have the whole wide world at their fingertips.

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