How To Shop On A Limited Income!}

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How to Shop on A Limited Income!


Jill Black

With the holidays just around the corner, everyone is trying to figure out how to save money. Along with holiday shopping, we still have to do our every day shopping, which can make it really hard to get that holiday list finished.

With just a few changes in the way you shop, you can save hundreds of dollars. Who knows, you might find that perfect gift in the most unexpected place!

Goodwill Stores

People may not realize that goodwill stores are open to the public. They carry a variety of new and used items from clothes to house ware to furniture. This is perfect for the college student or someone who just wants to save a few bucks! What’s really great about shopping at Goodwill is that about 85% of the revenue they receive goes back into the community for education and career services as well as other programs.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is similar to Goodwill. They carry a variety of new and used items, ranging from furniture to toys. They take the revenues they collect and help the community by giving back to the unfortunate. So not only are you finding great items at a bargain, you’re helping people in need.

Thrift Stores

What an awesome place to find some really nice things, especially clothes! Most the clothes in thrift stores are brand new, with the tags still on the garment! There are many thrift stores throughout the Austin area, many of which have great sales. Some have what is called a “Grab Bag” sale; Customers go into the store, get a bag and what ever they can fit into the bag is only $10.00, that’s $10.00 for the entire bag, not each item! What a deal!

Garage Sales

You’ve heard the saying, “Someone else’s garbage is your treasure.” Spring cleaning means spring shopping! Check out your local paper and look for listings for garage sales, especially estate or moving sales. You can find some really good bargains this way. Anything from priceless antiques to simple collectables; many people just want to get rid of the items before they move or are just simply making room for newer things. Don’t be afraid to ask for a lower price on an item you really like! Many people having garage sales will offer an “Everything for one price” deal. You’re bound to find some unique treasures by hunting at garage sales.

Church Bazaar’s

Everyone loves bazaars! Check your church’s bulletin and other church’s in your area for their bazaar. You can find some very unique and wonderful items at bazaars. Most of the items are usually hand made with much love and time. You can find blankets, afghans, quilts and much, much more. There are usually homemade baked goods also. So not only are you finding a cool quilt, you might even get a homemade cake or some cookies!

Store Sales

Watch your television or newspapers for store sales. You can find some really good bargains, especially for closeout sales.

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