High Pressure Radial Blowers}

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High Pressure Radial Blowers


Oleg Chechel

Industrial Blower Co. designs high pressure blowers-in-series systems to achieve static pressure, previously unachievable by single stage centrifugal blowers.

Parallel and in-series connected blower installations are often used to meet performance ranges beyond normal single stage blower capacities. For systems that require high static pressure, and especially high pressure TOGETHER with high temperature (where standard multi stage, positive displacement, screw, or regenerative type blowers can not be used) series of single stage centrifugal blowers can be used. Many times additional blower in the system can be advantageous. For instance, where two blowers are operating in series and one breaks down, the other may be able to “limp” the system along while the necessary maintenance is performed. Having on blower continue in operation can often allow limited production while the other is being repaired. Also, there are cases where having one blower continue in operation could prevent or at least minimize system or equipment damage from such things as high temperature ot contaminated airstreams.

Another advantage of blowers in series is that of the availbale space. If system must be expanded and increaases the CFM requirements, the allotted space for the original blower may not be large enough for a single large blower, but might be large enough to istall two smaller blowers in series to obtain the necessary pressure.

One more potentail advatage for series operation is the likehood of initial cost savings. Although each case must be evaluated individually, it is often more economical to select two “smaller” blowers with their respectice smaller motors and drives than to select one “larger” blower to do the job.

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Series connected blowers are those which have the outlet of the one blower exhausting into the inlet of another blower. By connecting blowersa in such a manner, high static pressures can be attained. This is accomplished as the second blower adds its pressure capability to the system, increasing the capacity beyond the capabilities of the first blower.

Ideally, two identical blowers installed in series would result in the same CFM at the outlet of the second blower as the inlet of the first one, and nearly twice the static pressure as that rated for either blower alone. However, some variation will result in both air flow and combined pressure because of the tendency of air to compress under pressure. A good understanding of how atnoshperic pressure and absolute temperature affect density is required. Both of these factors are involved in the proper selection of blowers. Density is directly proportional to atmospheric pressure and is inversely proportional to absolute temperature (degrees Rankine).

Caution is necessary in selecting blowers for series installtion. It is generally accepted that most pre-engineered blowers are capable of withstanding twice their catalog rated static pressure. In other words, where two blowers are installed in series the second blower housing should withstand the higher pressure. There is, however, a need for concern when the combined pressure exceeds twice the rated static pressure for one blower. In series applications involving three or more blowers, or in any system in which positive or negative pressure exists prior to the consideration of the blowers, special housing reinforcement may be necessary.

For additional information please refer to http://www.industrialblower.net

Oleg Chechel

Ventilation Equipment Designer

Industrial Blower Co.




Oleg Chechel

Ventilation Equipment DesignerIndustrial Blower Co.info@canadablower.comhttp://industrialblower.net/centrifugal-fans.htmlhttp://industrialblower.net/plug-fans.html

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Hardware August 10th 2017

Nokia Inc. announces plans for iPhone rival

Nokia Inc. announces plans for iPhone rival
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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Announced early Wednesday morning at Nokia’s GoEvent, in a plan to expand the company’s revenue, Finland-based company Nokia Inc. is developing a mobile phone similar to its rival iPhone, which will be available in the near future for Nokia customers. The phone is expected to be available by 2008.

Most of the features are the same as the iPhone’s. They include music, games, and many other features, even ones that the iPhone may not have. Ovi (in Finnish meaning “Door”) will be the door for more than 2 million songs and games available for download on the new device. Users will be able to download wirelessly in their own home or anywhere there is access to a computer.

But this is not the first time Nokia has made an attempt like this to increase its revenue. In October of 2003 the company revealed the N-Gage, a game-playing cell phone, but was “stocked-out” due to poor sales. The N95 smartphone, which was released in the U.S. on April 7, 2007 (before the iPhone on June 29, 2007) includes WiFi, a GPS, a music player, and a 5 megapixel digital camera. The three other phones that were revealed at the event in London will be in-stock next quarter. The new N81 and the modified N95 smartphones were among the revealed at yesterday’s event; the N81 is a new member to Nokia’s smartphone family; the N95 has been modified by having more memory and a sleeker LCD screen.

When Nokia was asked about the striking similarity between this and the iPhone, Nokia’s Executive Vice President and General Manager of Multimedia, Anssi Vanjoki, said, “If there is something good in the world then we copy with pride.”

Nokia first demoed their iPhone rival August 29th. During their demo they omitted the fact that the demo was for the software to be in use, not the actual hardware.[1]

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Three Walmart superstores open in Canada

Three Walmart superstores open in Canada
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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Wal-Mart Canada’s first three supercenters opened in Ancaster, London and Stouffville, Ontario.

The idea originally started in the United States in late 2005 and was announced that it would be arriving in Canada.

Flat screen TVs suspended from the ceiling will feature a television network, featuring fashion shows of Wal-Mart’s clothing lines, TV commercials featuring brands the retailer carries, and corporate messages.

With an expanded selection of electronics, hardware, home and housewares, the Wal-Mart supercentre could be compared to Future Shop, Home Depot, Home Outfitters, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Fortinos. The supercentre has wider aisles, higher ceilings, clear signage, and cash registers in selected departments such as electronics and clothing.

“Our goal is to become the one-stop shop for customers,” said Mario Pilozzi, chief executive of Wal-Mart Canada. “You see how fresh that is today? We are going to maintain that freshness in these stores.”

Wal-Mart’s Canadian supercentres are more sophisticated then their U.S. counterparts, because Canadian grocers have created higher expectations among the average consumer, company officials say.

However, Wal-Mart openings are controversial in many communities. Activists claim they can be detrimental to local economies, driving out locally owned businesses, lowering wages, and leading to suburban sprawl.

Wal-Mart already has plans to open fourteen new supercentres in 2007, of them Scarborough, Sarnia, Brampton and Vaughan will be early in the year.

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Semapedia introduced to Africa: Powered by “Made in Ghana” technology

Semapedia introduced to Africa: Powered by “Made in Ghana” technology
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This article mentions the Wikimedia Foundation or one of its projects. Please note that Wikinews is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation. Semapedia is not associated with the Wikimedia Foundation.

Friday, April 7, 2006

Accra — The Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre for Excellence in ICT introduced the Semacode technology and the Semapedia application to a segment of the Ghanaian public in a presentation delivered by Guido Sohne, Developer-In-Residence at the Centre and Chief Software Architect of CoreNett Ltd, a Ghanaian electronic transaction processing company.

Introduced for the first time in Africa, Semapedia is a way of associating Internet sites with physical barcodes that can be read by cameraphones, enabling one to look up information about physical objects quickly and easily.


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Get A General Overview On Cruises}

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Submitted by: Adrianna Notton

Many people may be looking for information on cruises as this particular form of taking a vacation is becoming more and more reachable, popular, and even fashionable among the people as a whole. Once the privilege of only the uppermost of the upper crust, this type of vacationing is now packaged in such a way to attract the majority of available consumers. Get the 101 on cruises in the paragraphs below.

With the advent of airplane as a means to reach distant locations, travel aboard ships had shrunk to accommodate mostly just shipping containers and very short term types of travel. For that reason, the ships that might have once taken travelers started offering special lines meant purely for pleasurable pursuits and advertised them as sort of floating vacation destinations, filled with luxuries.

How the services on these ships have involved is an interesting look into how the industry itself changed over time. While at first, dining was reserved for two set meals during the day which were presented very formally and people had to dress up for, in recent years, the focus has been on allowing people to eat when it is convenient for them and as casually as they like.

YouTube Preview Image

Along with this, many such ships offer amenities such as casinos and nightclubs in order to provide a fashionable, fresh look for such vacation spots. Many ships in fact will have very specific lines of stores that offer a great shopping experience. However, an entire subset of this industry does specialize in kid friendly and family friendly activities.

This particular industry is still growing and changing and is very much interested in attracting new business. For that reason, the discerning consumer can find great deals for such trips on the internet and at certain websites which specialize in travel related information. Frequently, there will be discounts and great savings to be had on both last minute and planned trips.

All it really takes is some research, although, just as with everything else, there are some caveats to be had. These particular types of destinations do have a few dangers that must be considered and for that reason it is vital to check out the reputation of the company by checking out previous customer’s reviews. How the staff responds to clients and how well their overall experience was is very important.

The bottom line when it comes to various ships is that all of them serve a very particular need, and that is, the type of a vacation destination that is very really an all in one package situation. The ship is the main attraction and the many amenities, luxuries, and services provided are what is needed to fill up the days on a vacation.

Traveling on one of the many cruises can be an unforgettable experience. More and more people choose this venue to be their annual vacation, or, a special gift for someone that truly needs a quick and pleasurable get away to some of the most romantic and most beautiful sunny locations around the world.

About the Author:

Toronto cruises

are in demand today for providing business parties all around the waterways of the city.

Toronto cruises

are the best way to enjoy the view of this amazing citys landmarks!



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Pakistan to Turkey container train service launched

Pakistan to Turkey container train service launched
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani has launched Pakistan’s first international container train service from Islamabad to Istanbul via the Iranian capital, Tehran, as a trial project of the Economic Cooperation Organization to boost Pakistan’s trade with Turkey and Iran.

The train is carrying 20 containers on its first journey from Islamabad railway station, delivering 14 to Tehran and 6 to Istanbul and will cover 6,500 kilometres in two weeks.

Minister for Railways Ghulam Ahmed Bilour said a successful trial phase of the freight train service would be followed by a passenger train service in an effort to boost tourism in the region.

There are also hopes the route will eventually provide a link to Europe and Central Asia.

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46 illegal Afghan immigrants suffocate in truck in Pakistan

46 illegal Afghan immigrants suffocate in truck in Pakistan
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

 Correction — Nov 1, 2013 The article below claims each passenger paid 4000 to 8000 USD. Each paid 30,000 Rupees, equivilent at the time to about US$375. 

The bodies of 46 Afghan illegal immigrants who suffocated to death in a container truck Saturday near Quetta, Pakistan, returned home Tuesday.

The Edhi Foundation placed the victim’s bodies into coffins to transport them back to Chaman. Funeral prayers were said before victims left Quetta hospital. “We are taking these dead bodies to Spin Boldak and later these will be flown to Kabul by helicopter. We are thankful to Pakistan government for every help,” said Afghan consul general Daud Mohsini.

Afghan officials received the bodies from The Edhi ambulances and Pakistan police escorts at the Pak-Afghan border Bab-e-Dosti (Friendship Gate). Security was high and traffic was backed up at the border crossing. The bodies were taken to Kandahar then to Kabul before they were laid to rest in their home towns.

Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan dispatched aircraft to Pakistan to bring home the 46 victims. Poor weather grounded the planes, and the bodies were driven back across the border.

Pakistan police found a locked truck packed with approximately 111 Afghan illegal immigrants around 20 kilometers (12 miles) south of Quetta on Saturday. The driver had fled the scene where 62 people were initially pronounced dead. Police said that from the strong smell emanating from the truck, the victims may have died days before they were discovered.

45 other people were found unconscious and taken directly to the hospital. At hospital two more migrants died. “The death toll is 46,” said Ghulam Dastagir, a police official.

Wazir Khan Nasir, a senior police official said, “We have been able to talk to some of the people, who were trapped in the container. They were all Afghans in the container and the container was going to Iran, When the condition of people inside the container deteriorated, the driver fled, leaving the container.”

Survivors have reported that a human smuggling racket locked 64 Kabul residents and 37 Spin Boldak residents in the truck container Friday afternoon. The truck’s air conditioning unit stopped working causing the locked passengers to cry out for help which was unheeded by the truck’s driver, and they fell unconscious. However, the loud ruckus caused by the trapped people inside did alert police and local residents to their plight.

The trip had cost each illegal immigrant US$4,000 to 8,000 for the trip. Gul Zameen, a survivor said, “We are all poor and wanted to find jobs in Quetta and Iran.”

The survivors have been charged under the Foreigners Act and some have been detained. Karzai has ordered an investigation and “demanded people avoid dangerous illegal migration and not be deceived by smugglers.” “We’ll go to Pakistan and talk to the survivors to find out what had exactly happened. The culprits will be brought to justice,” said Moheeddin Baluch head of the investigating delegation.

Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is also investigating. Five suspects believed to be involved in running the human smuggling racket have been arrested.

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Tory Burch One Of The Most Famous Fashion Women Brand}

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Submitted by: Bree Van De Camp

Tory Burch, right now has become a fashion craze of trainers and purses for your young people.Not just as the amazing kind of all these clothings and tory burch outlet , but in addition because of the tale nature from the creator.

Tory is significantly relying on the individual style of the woman’s mothers and fathers Buddy and also Reva. She actually is furthermore inspired by the woman’s love of fine art, music, tradition and travel, which is reflected inside the selection. Visual images, striking colours and unique info is all signatures of the brand.

Because getting the most interest in ladies decoration, a lot of people begun to open duplicate tory burch sneakers to sell all kinds of duplicate tory burch shoes along with handbags. Because with this brand effection, next folks has found their own eye concentrate on the fantastic income of promoting replicate products worldwide.

It’s well known that Tory Burch has received numerous awards in the trend industry.

There is a very good news popular market comes out in which within this May possibly, designer Tory Burch is placed to open her very first Canada retail store within Gta? very own Yorkdale Purchasing Center.

Along with sixty five Tory Burch shops spread throughout the United States, Europe, the guts Eastern as well as Asia, that? only reasonable that North america will get it is great number also, correct?

Yorkdale was the very first shopping middle in Europe to be able to encouraged Succulent Premium, Michael Kors, Burberry, Victoria? Secret as well as the Apple company Store, just to name some. Tory Burch is bound to be another victory.

You will probably start to see the renowned lemon lacquer doorways before the components area so the ladies? ready-to-wear line. Just what? a lot more fascinating may be the seating space that will possess a shelf as well as iphones? the right diversion from unwanted feelings for all those we bring along which, permit? merely point out are a small on the eager side. Lastly,any relaxing shopping encounter to be began. This could possibly be the start of something totally new.

Just about all previously mentioned are mentioned about the past concerns of magic Tory Burch. The storyline that should be appreciated by most of us. And what’s the current brand new about the manufacturer. Will it give us surprise or another points? Permit? check the under brings up.

According to a reliable resource, which clothing clients are likely to be referred to as Trademark. Increasing the particular paradox of that title, we hear the particular daughters poached their head designer through T. Crew, in which he’d proved helpful for over ten years under Jenna Lyons. Apart from that, the company is expected to file for at the conclusion of this year along with standalone shops as well as e-commerce providing an entire line of females? clothing and also add-ons? Expect the release to become anything but delicate?claims our supply.

Because of the well-known debate encircling C. Wonder and its suspect aesthetic resemblance of tory burch on sale , we have been kind of surprised that he? contacting their subsequent undertaking Trademark? Although, we need to acknowledge, he has balls.

We all reached to the rep regarding Joe Burch about the task, that advised us all they?have not even attempt to confirm at the moment.

We’ll be usually emphasizing the development of this particular well-known style manufacturer. So we also will find the near future and also dig out the shiny spots of its previous.

About the Author: Within the most popular women demecration brand spreeding of Tory Burch has becomed one of the greatest words talked between fashionable people. Let’s see and get to know about the brand and also something news about its recent develop.




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Wikinews interviews Joe Schriner, Independent U.S. presidential candidate

Wikinews interviews Joe Schriner, Independent U.S. presidential candidate
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Journalist, counselor, painter, and US 2012 Presidential candidate Joe Schriner of Cleveland, Ohio took some time to discuss his campaign with Wikinews in an interview.

Schriner previously ran for president in 2000, 2004, and 2008, but failed to gain much traction in the races. He announced his candidacy for the 2012 race immediately following the 2008 election. Schriner refers to himself as the “Average Joe” candidate, and advocates a pro-life and pro-environmentalist platform. He has been the subject of numerous newspaper articles, and has published public policy papers exploring solutions to American issues.

Wikinews reporter William Saturn? talks with Schriner and discusses his campaign.

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Wrought Iron Furniture And Your Home Sweet Home

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By A.Caxton

All those inspiring to acquire a “home sweet home, recognize that wrought iron is a vital factor for their home dcor style. The wrought iron accessories not only bring glory to our houses, but have existed with mankind from ancient times and continue to exist with us till date. Wrought Iron was used in door furniture of Roman Times; in structural uses in Middle age times; in large civil structures in the nineteenth century and now it is the fashion statement of our home dcor today. Wrought iron has always remained with mankind in one form or another.

Wrought iron has no match with other metals in terms of its durability and flexibility, in addition to its other multiple abilities. The metal can be moulded in any shape delicately and generously as desired, without breaking. Hammers and anvils are used to give beautiful shapes to it. Wrought iron is also less corrosive when compared to other metals and hence is used extensively for making painted home dcor items. If sincere care is taken of wrought iron items, these last for many years and rusting will not be near anywhere.

YouTube Preview Image

The life of the wrought iron items can be enhanced by applying red lead putty at the joints of the wrought iron products, followed by a coat of paint. Wrought Iron home dcor furnishing items are available readymade or else, these can be custom made to suit your specifications and design ideas. Whether you are buying readymade or custom made wrought iron home decor, you should consider few factors before buying. You should buy a reliable wrought iron brand or buy from a reliable dealer or craftsman to authenticate that genuine wrought iron metal has been used. Also ensure to mention that you want to procure wrought iron home decor items which have been prepared from puddled wrought iron and not mild steel or any other alternate. Also, indicate that you desire to have the fire welding done on the wrought iron products rather than electric welding.

Wrought iron home dcor products are available in different price ranges. The items are priced depending on the quality of the metal, the kind of welding chosen, the grade of complexity in the design and the dimensions of the item. However, one must never try to settle for a inferior quality product for a convenient price.

Wrought Iron has been an integral part of mankind and is preferred over other metals for home dcor even today. The creativity and artistic appeal of this valuable metal satisfies our needs and brings glory to our homes. True to its nature, rusting can never happen to wrought iron.

About the Author: Andrew Caxton is the editor of http://www.wrought-iron-guide.com. You can find more information and resources on

wrought iron furniture

at his website.



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